Marionette violinist playing.

The Cashore Marionettes

Time & Date
Apr 6 2018
@ 7:30 pm

$19 adults/$10 children & BU students

At the Kenneth S. Gross Auditorium in Carver Hall

For centuries artists and performers have used their creative talents to illustrate simple but important messages to people of all ages, especially children. It’s so much easier to learn fundamental life lessons through an artist’s instinct to entertain and instruct than through life’s inevitable hard knocks. Joseph Cashore’s Life in Motion portrays commonplace but universal emotions through a collection of his marionette masterworks. His exquisite artistry and refinement of movement turn his marionettes into characters of depth, integrity and humanity. Interpreted through a series of vignettes, themes of love, joy, sadness, humor, loss, remembrance and acceptance are evoked by diverse
and engaging characters and animals in different contexts. Delivered with a simplicity that expresses the essence of the moment, set to music by Beethoven, Vivaldi, Strauss and Copeland, with themes taken from everyday life, the Cashore Marionettes take the audience on a journey that celebrates the richness of life. Presented in the intimacy of Gross Auditorium, this show is a powerfully entertaining, theatrically satisfying, one-of-a-kind evening for every one of every age and every neighborhood.

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